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Using your Intuition with Leslie Robinson

St Brigid's "Third Wednesday" meetings (temporarily on 'Third Tuesdays') provide opportunities for community bonding and spiritual nourishment through discussion groups, creativity workshops, and guest speakers.

Currently, Leslie Robinson is hosting a series of workshops on harnessing the power of intuition. Leslie has a Master’s degree in Adult Education with a specialty in quantum physics and how people learn. She taught at the University of Victoria for over 20 years, the University of Calgary for several years and has been teaching meditation with Training in Power Academy since 2006.

The first two workshops were entitled "Power Up My Life" and "Activating Your Intuition". Community member Cathy Eastwood reflected on the first session of the series:

On October 20, 2021, 16 St. Brigid’s community members gathered. The topic was “Power Up My Life!” led by Leslie Robinson, MA (Adult Education).

Leslie relayed a story of a time when she was struck by seeing amazing, unusual lines in the night sky. She fell asleep in wonderment over the expansive and beautiful sky. Shortly after this experience, she delved into learning about the universe with its’ infinite possibilities. She learned that ‘matter matters’.

Much later, far from home, lock-down happened. Her life was shaken, emotions flared, and with more time together, calm settled in and relationships were deepened. Experiences like this led her to deep exploration of energy, matter, vibration. With each thought or emotion, we give off vibrations and receive the energetic vibrations of others. What I focus on goes out in the world. What is important to me? Do I want clarity? Assertiveness? Calm? What would assertiveness or calm look like? Feel like? Smell like? When we can see it, feel it, smell it, etc., we activate energy that attracts it to us.

Through an exercise using guided meditation Leslie helped us visualize a personal desire and our personal sense of power grew within us.

Two more sessions led by Leslie are planned:

  • Tuesday 18 January "Communicating in Spirit... without saying anything"

  • Tuesday 15 February "Who Are You Now?"

To register or for more information please email .

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