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St. Brigid’s Submission to the Papal Synod

The Synod submission from St Brigid’s Faith community was assembled from number of sources, most especially the Appreciative Inquiry sessions we shared in April and May of this year. Mary Feeney and Cathy Genge looked at the responses to the question: “How do we as St. Brigid’s want to grow in our journey together?” This question echoes what has been asked of us, as Catholics, by Pope Francis in preparation for the Synod in October, 2023. We also looked at submissions from RCWP , the Women’s Ordination Conference and at the St Brigid’s website for inspiration.

Mary Feeney put all our responses and these resources together in coherent and passionate report. We will be sending it to the Vatican, the CCCB, the Bishop of Calgary, the RCWP, WOC and Future Church. Mary has crafted a response that clearly lets our voices be heard. We pray that the Vatican listens.

The links to the RCWP and WOC responses are:

If you are interested in how other Dioceses are responding, here’s a link to the Diocese of Calgary’s synod report: And the Diocese of Victoria’s: If you would like to make your own submission to the Vatican, check the links on the RCWP newsletters at Link to St. Brigid's Synod Submission:

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