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About Us


Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community of Calgary is a place of welcome, joy, support, exploration and love for those who desire to participate in the growth and renewal of the Roman Catholic church.

It is also a place for anyone who wishes to experience the love of God through a praying, worshipping, and caring faith community.

We are a group of people from many walks of life committed to gathering in the spirit of Jesus and his followers while striving to live out the Gospel message of radical love, hope, and freedom. St. Brigid’s members are actively involved in exploring the Christian tradition in all its past, present and evolving breadth, depth, and complexity. We are positive, critical, questioning, skeptical, creative and hopeful in our feelings and understandings of what it is to be Catholic and Christian in today’s world.


While valuing the ancient traditions of the church and the early apostolic communities, we are exploring what it is to be people of faith in the 21st century — in terms of theology, liturgy, ecclesiology, Biblical studies, community-building, spirituality and all other aspects of modern faith life.

Please join us, as we create vibrant community together!

Our Faith Community


We are an inclusive Catholic faith community welcoming people
from all backgrounds


We host special events, discussion groups, and creative workshops throughout the year


We are a community seeking to follow Christ in living lives of integrity, compassion and love

About St. Brigid

St. Brigid is matron saint of babies, blacksmiths, brewers, cattle, children of unmarried parents, midwives, nuns, poets, poultry raisers, printing presses, sailors, scholars and travellers. She is one of Ireland’s three patron saints (along with Patrick and Columba).

St Brigid's Cross


The legend is that Brigid made the first cross like this one out of rushes she found on the ground beside a man who was dying, as she sought to explain to him the story of Jesus on the cross. In Ireland, it is traditional to hang a St. Brigid’s Cross in the home in honour of this saint, especially over doorways, in order to ensure good health and protection from harm.

To learn more about St. Brigid, please click here for a virtual tour of the St. Brigid's round tower and fire temple in Kildare, Ireland.


St Brigid's Well & Fire Temple

St. Brigid’s well is in Kildare, Ireland. On special occasions, we use water from this well during Mass. The statue of St. Brigid next to the well shows her holding a flame. When St. Brigid was alive, she founded a monastery and kept a sacred fire perpetually burning. The foundations of St. Brigid’s Fire Temple are behind the Cathedral Church of St. Brigid in Kildare, Ireland. The foundations were restored in 1988 and the fire was relit in 1993. Since then, the fire temple has been tended to by the Brigidine sisters.

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