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Community Visioning 

May 10th & May 17th 

Hybrid Meetings (In Person & on Zoom)

     St. Brigid's will be hosting two special meetings to reflect on our vision as a community for the future.

Please see the invitation below for further details

An invitation to St. Brigid’s discernment process  

You are invited to participate in a visioning process for St. Brigid’s community  We have grown over the past few years: in numbers, in geography, and spiritually. We want to reflect on our experience as community, and to discern how we will move forward, together. The overarching question we want to answer is:

How do we as St. Brigid’s want to move forward on our journey together?

The main outcome of this work will be a plan for our future. At the same time, we are also aware that the canonical church is engaged in its own process of reflection, and is asking church members around the world to answer some questions that will be brought forward to a global meeting of bishops – called a synod – that will take place in 2023.

We will also use the results of our community discussions to write a submission to the synod. We believe the canonical church needs to hear the prophetic voice of our community!

We are blessed that a community member, Leslie Robinson, who has extensive experience in facilitation, has agreed to guide the process for us. Here are the key dates:


  • May 8 liturgy – we will start the process during the homily and breakout groups

  • May 10 and 17 (Tuesdays) – we will host two community meetings. Both will be hybrid meetings – in person and on Zoom – and will start early to allow those who are unable to be present in person, and those in times zones east of us, to participate as well.

May 10 and 17 meeting details. Both Tuesday meetings will follow the same schedule:

  • 4:00 p.m. Kingsland Community Centre doors open; come early to visit!

  • 4:30 p.m. Food will be served.

  • 5:00 p.m. Meeting begins.

  • 7:00 p.m. Meeting ends.

COVID protocols for in-person meetings:

  • Masks are optional, but strongly recommended.

  • We will provide hand sanitizer and ask that you sanitize upon arrival and frequently.

  • Other recommended health precautions include refraining from hand shaking or hugging, and keeping space between people when possible while in big or small groups.

  • With fewer strict health protocols in Alberta, please respect each person’s choices with kindness.


RSVP options:

  • We will send an E-vite for the Tuesday meetings; if you plan to attend in person, please RSVP by Monday, May 9th at 12:00 noon so that we can order enough food!

  • If you are interested in sharing the experience on zoom, please contact us via email at by Monday, May 9th at 12:00 noon.

  • Note -- If you are already on our permanent mail list, you will receive the zoom link for the Tuesday meetings. No need to email again.

We ask that you participate in as many of the discussions as you can – come as you are able! But don’t worry if you can’t attend. Stories, ideas, comments can be emailed to  Your input is valuable and welcome.

Questions? Feel free to email and

community circle agm_edited.png

Annual General Meeting 2022

Wednesday 15 June in the evening 

Special call for community input:

Our "Third Wednesday" evenings need a proper name! This evening is focused on sharing information, learning something new, or other forms of connection and opportunities for personal spiritual growth. 


Some ideas from the Hearth Keepers are: Monthly Evening of Enlightenment, Community Circle, Monthly Community Connection

Any other suggestions are welcome.
Please send your ideas to us and we will vote on them at the AGM. 

Image by Moritz Knöringer

The Healing Circle

The Healing Circle, St. Brigid's pastoral support team, are ready to support the community through prayer, visiting, sending cards, long distance healing or any other way they can be helpful.  

Our volunteers are Betty, Bern, and Leslie

Please contact us if you would like a visit and we can put you in touch with our team