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Who We Are

Our Priests




Ruth was ordained as a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in 2016 by RCWP Canada Bishop Marie Bouclin, and was a part of St. Brigid's as a community member before then. She is a retired school teacher and has degrees in zoology and teaching, along with a Masters of Theology (with a speciality in liturgy). Ruth also ministers to the Emmaus Inclusive Catholic Community of Edmonton, Alberta. Ruth lives in gratitude for the people of St. Brigid’s, Emmaus, the SOS home community, and all those who offer their support and love to build the diversity and fullness of the kin-dom.


Monica was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in 2008 by RCWP Bishop Patricia Fresen. In her Masters degree, she focused on theology, liturgy, and spirituality. She is an accredited Spiritual Care Specialist (Chaplain) who has worked in healthcare for over 20 years, mostly in palliative care.  Monica is also a certified Spiritual Director, Reiki Master and therapeutic arts practitioner.  In her work, she seeks to honour the sacredness of incarnation, the power of imagination, and the wisdom of nature. Monica’s two young-adult daughters, Emma and Genny, are also part of the St. Brigid’s community. 

My call to priesthood was nurtured in the heart of community and now thrives in my relationship with all those connected to St. Brigid's. My gratefulness to those who participate in our wide community knows no bounds! The Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community has truly become a vibrant centre of creative liturgy, ministry, friendship, and compassionate action since we began in 2008.  At St. Brigid’s, the future of the church is well underway!  Along with many other people in communities of renewal around the world, the people of St. Brigid’s are traveling forward with courage and confidence, attuned to the Holy One of visionary and audacious loving. We are taking our place in the growing community of witnesses who are prophetically obedient to the aliveness of God’s Spirit at work in the world today.

 -- Monica 

The Community


Our community members are warm, welcoming people with a passion for the healing and renewal
of the church and society.

We come from many different backgrounds, age groups, and genders. While St. Brigid's is a Catholic community, it has an ecumenical orientation.

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The Hearth Keepers

The Hearth Keepers are community members dedicated to the operational functioning of St. Brigid's community. 

Named in honour of St. Brigid, whose sacred fire has burned perpetually in Ireland since ancient times, the Hearth Keepers tend to the needs of the community and work to keep the flame of St. Brigid's alive.

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