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“Greg’s Wings”: recap of Third Wednesday presentation in May by Veronica Malecky

On May 15th, 2024, the "Third Wednesday" presentation was on the short film Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story about Greg Price whose journey through the healthcare system ended in his unexpected and tragic death. It is a story of how our health data needs to be better connected to keep people safe and improve efficient care. Veronika Malecky has kindly written the following recap of the presentation for those who could not be there:

Since the untimely and heartbreaking loss of her brother Greg, Teri Price and her father Dave Price have shown remarkable resilience and determination. They have generously shared their life journey with our community, striving to make sense of it all and inspire positive change.

From their grief, they created a story, a film, and a presentation, which they used to engage in conversations with various community groups, including ours. Your participation and insights were invaluable, adding to the discussion and offering wisdom to help us avoid similar tragedies.

Teri and Dave shared two major perceptions:

  1. Teamwork with careful collaboration and timely information-sharing between all team members is imperative for the best outcomes.

  2. Flattening the hierarchy of the medical system so that the patient’s and the family’s wisdom is included is crucial for success. The patient and their family are part of the medical team.

The following is an email that Teri sent to our community if you missed this session and are interested in understanding and working with the health system to improve outcomes:

"Thank you again for the opportunity to share the film with your group. I have copied the links for what I think came up in the discussion, but let me know if I missed anything.

We are also starting to work on our next project, which will involve putting the film online and other content. It is very early, but we hope to have something to test out in the fall. Can we come back and share what we have and get feedback from the group when we are ready?

How would the St Brigid community respond to Teri and her father, Dave?

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